Nakayama Koho [Profiles]

chairman of Misho Ryu Nakayama Bunpo Kai
chairman of the board of directors, Nakayama Bunpo Kaikan Foundation
Chief editor of monthly magazine “Gendai Souka”
Born as the first son of Nakayama Keiho in Nishinomiya City in 1967.
Graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University, Sociology Department,..
Nakayama Kosho learned flower arrangement from his grandfather, Nakayama Bunpo’s high disciple, and he currently offers the teachings as a headquarter instructor at the head office as well as at other branches in Japan.
He has been sponsoring and organizing “Ikebana classes for the visually impaired” form 1994, and also worked jointly with Noh and Kyogen artists from the Kanze and Ohkura schools, to attempt the presentation of ikebana as stage art.
His serial essays in the “Gendai Souka” magazine have been receiving excellent responses. His wide activities beyond the ikebana genre offer him a promising future and expanded opportunities in many other related fields.

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